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A House Tailored For You

The house represents our space, the one in which we move, think, live and where our personality finds the most free and spontaneous expression of itself. It is the place where we spend the best moments of our life.
The house is the most intimate place for each of us, a world that must be protected because it is the closest to our soul.

Among the experiences in which we put ourself out, spreading out a lot of emotional energy, I believe there is the restorations of your house.

The house has a special value for everyone.

Property renovation: an emotional experience

The home renovation is a brave decision; there’s nothing else to say.

Renovating a house creates many expectations, excitement, enthusiasm, but undeniably at the same time even a lot of tiredness. Involvement can sometimes turn into stress if the renovation is poorly managed.

“This is the reason why you must find a representative who can translate this crowd of emotions, needs and novelties into a concrete restructuring project, tailored to your size. This interlocutor has to be strongly connected with your emotions, you have to have mutual trust all along the way. But trust is not enough, there is something more to do, not only to delegate the right person. It is imperative that you (the owner) be aware of the renovation process. Being aware does not mean being omniscient, but having the knowledge and support necessary to make the right decisions.”

Green Lab

Nothing can be more satisfying then living in the house we have created just like we have desired, from A to Z.
When renovating the home, the main purpose is the comfort that this will be able to guarantee, a well-being that must be completely experienced, from a functional to an aesthetic point of view.

I have always loved selling properties that need to be completely renovated. I believe that my passion generates a positive energy in the house buyers, because, for several years now, I have been able to establish wonderful relationships with these people sharing with them harmony, fondness and empathy.

These values ​​shared between me and my customers allow me, even after years, to be accommodated in their new home and to see in their eyes the joy and pride for the obtained result.

I let you dive into the photo gallery a property sold by the P&S.
A very valiant house in terms of internal features, living spaces, arrangement and with a great transformation potential brought to light wonderfully thanks to the renovation.

A high level functional and aesthetic revolution.