We take care of every phase regarding the real estate selling and buying process and we have gradually fine-tuned new services and ventures. Furthermore we engage experts in sectors such as tourism, modern technologies, design and restoration.

Patrizia Pes

Deviser and Manager
Listings - 5 properties

She is P&S Property & Sales deviser and manager, her business is based on the observance of ethics and directness. Devoting years of experience and passion at the service of customers represents her work style.

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Silvia Rita Greca Floris

Tourist Marketing Expert
Listings - 0 properties

Thanks to my humanistic background focused on tourism and Italian culture I have been working in the real estate sector for eight years. However my field is storytelling: I talk about beautiful homes located by the sea or on the hills with breathtaking gulf views. You can find this kind of properties in the P&S portfolio.

In 2016 Patrizia involved me in the P&S in order to manage the holiday homes, since then the international guests have followed me step…

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Alberto Pes

Information Technology Expert
Listings - 0 properties

Technology and programming have been always my passion. Led by a strong desire to learn, create and experiment new tools and solutions I’ve grounded my studies in the information technology branch and I graduated in 2015.

In 2013 Patrizia proposed me to collaborate with the P&S. I was very curious and enthusiastic about this chance, I would have the opportunity to put into practice and utilize the notions and technologies learned during my educational path; that’s why I’ve decided to…

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Mariano Casadio

Collaborator and Engineer
Listings - 0 properties

My experience as a real estate agent starts in 2017 when Patrizia involved me in the P&S.
I have a technical background, a degree in civil engineering and my career ranges from information technology to interior design. I have been really intrigued by the responsibilities and the knowledge that are necessary to carry out this job in the best way.
Every day somebody gives us custody of their dreams. Being an active part of a home project with…

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