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Latest Interior Design Trends

New contaminations and returns from the past characterize the latest trends in interior design. Colors, styles and materials that recall nature are combined with figures and shapes that refer to the 50s and 70s. The impact of the ecological and natural theme can be perceived in the designers’ creations but at the same time the gaze remains firmly on the past years, those of the economic recovery, in which geometries and colors were designed to surprise, the vintage therefore is appreciated and is increasingly sought after.

The most popular styles in recent years, from Nordic to ethnic, from minimal to industrial, as well as the always appreciated classic style are reconfirmed, they communicate and infect each other giving life to a new, more particular, unique visual experiences. The floral patterns came up beside the rigor of Nordic-style furnishing and accessories with typically ethnic colors and shapes find a place in a classic furnishing contexts.

The strong colors come back to upset, redefine and enhance new perspectives. The walls are dyed with emerald green, intense red, pure orange, deep blue.

The choice of materials is fundamental: stone, wood, glass are combined with golden or brass accessories with unusual shapes like if they were sculpted by water and wind.

The handmade wallpaper reappears with original design and it is also influenced by the desire to bring natural elements in the house walls.

An evolution that combines the environment and innovation, the past and the future, with a strong, almost tangible desire to amaze.

We let you enjoy our selection of images and we hope it would be a source of inspiration and could guide your desire in renewal.