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Alberto Pes

Information Technology Expert

Technology and programming have been always my passion. Led by a strong desire to learn, create and experiment new tools and solutions I’ve grounded my studies in the information technology branch and I graduated in 2015.

In 2013 Patrizia proposed me to collaborate with the P&S. I was very curious and enthusiastic about this chance, I would have the opportunity to put into practice and utilize the notions and technologies learned during my educational path; that’s why I’ve decided to accept her proposal.

My goal was to provide the company with custom-made innovative instruments in order to increase
the visibility of the company itself and consequently reach, reassure and help clientele in the best way possible.

After many years, this goal is still a permanent feature in my collaboration. The research and update can’t stop, the tools are being fine-tune, they ripen and evolve thanks to the experience and the professional connections with our customers.

I keep up with the times trying to preempt them.

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