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Decluttering Time!

Clutter means “disordered mass of objects that encumber a space; useless objects, encumbrances, baubles”.

Decluttering, therefore, is nothing more than freeing space from clutter – from useless objects and baubles that tend to accumulate. Lighten!

Where’s our clutter?

It can be found anywhere in the home, but also in the office, in the car or in a bag.
Where does it nest more often?

  • the pantry, the shelfs, the top of the kitchen;
  • the library, where we keep books and records…but also many magazines that we don’t have time to browse and so remain there for years;
  • the bathroom. Stop saving product samples or the cream that our aunt gave us for Christmas, which is not suitable for our skin and so we will never use it!
  • the wardrobes and chests of drawers where we store clothes, linens and accessories. If we haven’t lose weight in the last two years, we will hardly wear the jeans that we easily wore when we were teenagers;
  • the drawers and the containers. Can we remember how many years have passed since we last used that object? Maybe it is even broken … Did we ever find the time to fix it? Come on …
  • the closet and the cellar. These are the realm of “I’ll put it there, sooner or later it will be necessary”.

Let’s think about it!

Clutter is a source of stress and getting rid of it will bring a lot of benefits.

Let’s see:

  1. Space optimization.
    Space is a limited resource. To really take advantage of it, the first thing to do is to clear it off.
  2. Time savings.
    In a clear space you’ll find sooner the things you need in everyday life, think about how many time we women lose looking for car keys or rummaging in our bag! Oh, my God!
  3. Money savings.
    You will not have to buy again the things you have lost in the mess, nor you will have to buy new furniture and containers to store new things. Furthermore you don’t have to go looking for a bigger house to store all the unused and accumulated objects.
  4. Decrease your stress.
    Oh yes, stress and clutter are closely related. In general, the clutter is made up of objects that represent unfinished tasks and unfulfilled goals: unfinished books and unread magazines, shoes you don’t like anymore, clothes that have to be repaired or put away, kitchen tools that have never been used – in short, whatever we have welcomed into our lives but which no longer has a place today.
    All this distracts us, even unconsciously. Would be more profitable to devote our attention to something else which perhaps represents us more. The clutter results in an increase of stress. Let’s try to reduce these objects and we’ll feel better.
  5. More concentration, lucidity and focus.
  6. Be more open to news.
    A free space can materially host new objects and our attention can turn to new and more stimulating things.

Finally, if you plan to sell your house the decluttering is a part of the sale preparation process.

We will return to this topic later.

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Elenia Palmas Home Stager